‘VIP’ in actor abduction case close to a minister, highly influential: Balachandra Kumar

Kochi: Director Balachandra Kumar on Monday said that the ‘VIP’ in the actor sexual harassment case is close to a minister. Kumar had said that a ‘VIP’ brought the visuals of the sexual assault to Dileep’s house. He was talking to the media after giving a confidential statement in the case.The VIP is very close to Dileep and highly influential. He was talking about ministers and the judiciary. He also talked about scolding the investigating officers in the presence of the minister. He is close to a minister and is planning to attack ‘Pulsor’ Suni and other accused when released from jail, Kumar said.The revelations of the director will make termors in the state in the coming days.Evidence for Dileep’s involvement in the case, including his attempts to influence the witnesses, were handed over to the agency, he said. I did not fake any evidence, he added. I have recordings of talks with Dileep, his brother and even Kavya. How can I fake all these? Kumar asked.