Vigilance to interrogate KM Shaji’s wife soon

Kozhikode: Vigilance officials have informed that MLA KM Shaji’ s wife will be questioned soon in connection with the case for illegal accumulation of wealth. It is reported that the officials decided to question the MLA’s wife as most of the property documents seized from the residence carried her name also.

Vigilance also asked PWD officials to measure the area of Shaji’s houses at Kozhikode and Kannur and file a report within a week.

Vigilance raided Shaji’s houses at Kozhikode and Kannur on last Monday after registering a case over illegal accumulation of wealth. The raid carried out Kozhikode concluded on Monday night while the raid at Kannur concluded on Tuesday noon.

The report submitted before the vigilance court in Kozhikode cited that Rs 47.35 lakh was seized from Shaji’s residence. Also 77 documents were attached with the report. Most of these documents carried his wife’s name.

Meanwhile, vigilance returned 50 sovereigns of gold and foreign currency which was seized from his residence. As per reports, the vigilance observed that there is nothing unusual in possessing the gold and foreign currency. Earlier, KM Shaji also declared that his children have a habit of collecting foreign currencies.