Swapna Suresh’s voice clip: Police to seek legal advice regarding investigation

Thiruvananthapuram: Police are of the understanding that there is no probability of an investigation into the leaked voice clip of gold smuggling case accused Swapna Suresh.

Police are of the understanding that no rule violation has taken place and will seek legal advice over investigating the matter. Police department has taken a stance that as the voice clip is not forged, it cannot be considered a crime.

Earlier, Director General of Prisons Rishi Raj Singh had sent a letter to state police chief Loknath Behera over the matter.

The letter demanded to identify the person who recorded the audio clip along with the date and place of recording. The letter also demands to find out the authenticity of the audio clip and how a news portal received it.

Police are of the understanding that the void clip is not forged. The matters mentioned in the voice clip are not criminal in nature. Hence, there is no probability of an investigation.

In this context, there are limitations to an investigation into the voice clip as a crime. However, a detailed legal advice will be sought. Police will take a decision on the matter based on the legal advice.