Surendran met Janu in Room No 503, more evidences out, more things to be exposed, says Praseeda

KANNUR: Move evidences have emerged on C K Janu receiving Rs 10 lakh from BJP state chief K Surendran to become NDA candidate. The voice clip contains the conversation of K Surendran asking her to come to Alappuzha on March 3 for discussions and the conversation he had after arriving in Thiruvananthapuram. The allegation is that the money was handed over to her at a hotel in Thiruvananthapuram. Praseeda has also released the audio clip of Surendran’s PA calling Janu asking for her room number.

Praseeda said Surendran and his personal assistant Dipin reached Room No 503 of Horizon Hotel in the capital city with the money. Praseeda publicised the details of their arrival and the phone conversation informing their arrival at the hotel. Janu and Praseeda reached Thiruvananthapuram on March 6 evening at the request of Surendran.

Praseeda said Surendran kept calling her till Janu reached the hotel. Had called her four or five times. He said can meet the next day after Janu reached the hotel. He called her in the morning asking her the room number and the time to meet her. Praseeda told him can meet her at his convenient time.

When a call came from Surendran’s phone, Janu jumped and picked it up. After that, Surendran and his companion reached the room. Praseeda said she came out of the room after he said that he wants to talk to Janu for two minutes. She said the two held talks in the room and the money was also handed over to her.

Praseeda said that so far she said only about the 10 lakh handed over in Thiruvananthapuram. She said that she has not spoken about the things that happened in Bathery. She said more things have to be exposed. If anything happens to me or those in my party tomorrow, things will go ahead.
Dipin called Praseeda from Surendran’s phone on March 7 at 9.56 am.