Startup firm using AI to make open school platform smarter


artificial-intelligenceNew Delhi:Astartup company by two IIT grads which is engaged in imparting education using the open school platform is infusing Artificial Intelligence technology now to make its platform smarter.

Last year, Ritesh Singh and Akshat Goel launched Eckovation – a unique open-school communication and social learning platform that allows teachers, parents and students to interact freely and effectively on mobile phones.

The firm has taken initiatives across three major areas – forging new partnerships, extending the depth and reach of open school and continued technological innovation.  “Most exciting for us, we continue to make our platform smarter by infusion of Artificial Intelligence technology,” says Singh, adding “we are continuously expanding the use of AI as it holds a lot of promise for the future of education technology”.

“We have collaborated with Ola cabs to extend the benefits of the open school platform to the drivers’ families. We have also partnered with Collins India publishing house. They are using the platform for engaging teachers in their network. Most of these teachers have also enrolled themselves with the open school to impart quality education,” he told PTI.

“Second, we are spreading open school, through a new campaign called ‘I Teach India’ (#ITeachIndia). It is designed to accelerate digital literacy at all levels by reaching out to the population in India and invite teachers’ participation across regions to join the platform.

“Third, we continue to iterate rapidly with our new technology and add new features, which can help teachers and students. This year, to prepare students for the admissions season, we have added features and plugins to help students make informed decisions… We have added new analytics tools, which empower the teachers with insights to help the students,” he says.

The firm has completed its first round of funding. “We completed our first round with Mihir Somaiya, Surface Commercial Channel Lead – Asia, Microsoft, Rohit Chadha, Head – Global Consulting Services Practice Center of Excellence at Bain & Company and Chandigarh Angels Network. We see this milestone as a significant endorsement of Eckovation’s strategy and commitment to increase the quality of education in our country,” Singh says.

Since the very beginning, he says, the aim has been to disrupt traditional s of social learning through technology.