Shajil Anthru- Indian Da Vinci the international writer and engineer honored with Phd in Literature

Considering the nomination for Honoris Causa placed before the Senate & Honorary Council Committee chaired by the Vice Chancellor of Euro Asian University to award an Honorary Degree to SHAJIL ANTHRU in the Field of Literature which is one of the Most Dignitary Honorary Awards in the Current Era concluded to recognize SHAJIL ANTHRU for the Outstanding Contributions and Leadership of Excellence to the Society through the meritorious skills and knowledge. As evident from their verification, SHAJIL ANTHRU through his commitment and passion towards literature founded ZEROISM -New order of the day, an alternative to post Meta modernistic era and FISHBONE POETRY – a new poetic form in the world along with becoming the WORLD’S SHORTEST STORY WRITER in three words surpassing Ernest Hemingway’s six word story, which clearly distinguishes Dr Shajil Anthru as one of the outstanding awardees of the decade.

The vision of Euro Asian University is to exhilarate people, ideas and actions for a better world. This vision is always reflected in the awardees receiving prestigious Honorary Degrees from the University. While selection of the nominations, The Euro Asian University makes a public declaration of its values, and recognizes Nominees of such caliber in honoring them, it too is honored. The Governing Council Members of Euro Asian University applauds Dr SHAJIL ANTHRU for being awarded Phd (Hon) Causa in the Field of Literature.
In his statement, Dr Shajil Anthru commented that it is fortunate have his research in Literature and Language from 2018 is being honored. It was on 13 December 2017, he started his research by writing the world’s shortest story in three words Ey, which transcends the boundaries of language and with a universal language or Zero language. Experiments had always been there in literature. This story is also an experiment, a craft which demands the participation and intervention of the readers. The craft challenges the categorization and fixed formation of a short story. Shajil Anthru started his research in origin of language and development of creative works from ancient history. He observed that the organized language in pre modernistic period faced challenges in subsequent periods. It started assuming a form of “formlessness” in cumulative. But while endeavoring to be free in form and structure, literature did not move away from the frame of language. Language sketched boundaries and literature became geographically divided.
Ey is a story which abolish this geographical divide, and which goes beyond the Meta post modernism period. Even language in Ey gained formless. Ey is the story in a “Beyond meta post modernism” period. This story also concludes the evolution of language. Beyond Meta modernism language is alike that were in pre-historic times. The evolving of Zeroism – the term coined by Shajil Anthru – the new order, alternative to post Meta modernistic era started here. Fishbone Poetry – a new poetic form, Reflectoem – a Reflection of one’s natural expressions of feelings and ideas, expressions which arise out of the basic thought that the human race is One and discrimination should not arise because of differences of languages, countries, race, creed color or gender. With the intense application of the heart either by use of distinctive styles and rhythms or by use of poetic writing in either verse or prose or by the use of art images, the movements of dance, the complex sounds of music–or the combination of all these things!–boundaries will wither away. Shajil Anthru identified strength of Poetic Leadership and concluded which will change the order of the universe. Poetic Leadership shall overturn dictatorship and autocratic rule – be it by an individual or collective – in all segments of life – family, institutions and nations.
He is the only litterateur who found and interestingly interleaved engineering theories in developing and analyzing the literature theories.
During this four years, Shajil Anthru contributed many books and creative works to literature without compromising with his career as a Principal. His contribution in his workplace made his college- Government Polytechnic College, Attingal, the first Polytechnic College in Kerala to start an industry on campus for earn while learning for students, first polytechnic college to have all girls students get a stipend through their own entrepreneurship unit inside the campus, first polytechnic in Kerala two D.VOC courses through Community Polytechnic and many more which Attingal Polytechnic can only claim He is currently also involved in making the community with “Zero unemployability” with help of the Directorate of Technical Education, ASAP and KIDC ,under Government of Kerala.