Operation Dost: NDRF rescues eight year old girl from rubble in Turkey

ISTANBUL: An eight-year-old girl was rescued by an Indian disaster relief team from the rubble of the earthquake that shook Turkey. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) said the rescue operation was carried out in Nurdagi city along with Turkish troops.

The eight-year-old girl was brought out on Friday. A six-year-old girl was also taken out by Indian forces from the same area on Thursday. So far, the NDRF has managed to save the lives of two people and found 13 dead bodies through the rescue mission that started on February 7, officials said.

A newborn baby was rescued from the earthquake-ravaged northern Syria the other day. The baby girl was pulled out of the earthquake debris with the umbilical cord still intact.

The baby’s father, mother and four siblings died after birth. The child is named ‘Aya’, which means wonder in Arabic.

Meanwhile, the death toll from earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 22,000. Three NDRF teams have been deployed from India to Turkey as part of the mission named Operation Dost. This includes 152 rescue workers.