Natural Remedies To Cure Cold During Pregnancy

Drink Fluids

It is very normal to catch cold during pregnancy. If you get cold, make sure that you drink a lot of fluids. Avoid drinking cold water. Prefer hot water as it helps ease the nasal congestion, and will also keep you hydrated.


Drinking soups not only provides warmth to the body, but also helps get rid of cold and cough. Drink soup as it is also a fluid which is good for the body.


Taking steam is another home remedy to treat cold during pregnancy . Opt for steam whenever your nose is blocked as it clears the nasal passage and also helps reduce headache.

Masala Tea

Indian spices like clove, herbal tulsi leaves etc should be added to your tea. It is one of the traditional home remedies to treat cold when pregnant.

Take Rest

Cold brings down the body’s immunity drastically. To battle cold and strengthen immunity, take proper rest.

Add Extra Pillow

To ease breathing during nasal blockage, add an extra pillow under your head while sleeping. This will make breathing easier and also clear the nasal passage.

Spit It Out

Instead of sniffing the mucus back into the throat, spit out the cough. Storing cough in the system can lead to other major health problems.