Moral policing turns violent, College student brutally manhandled in Thrissur

Thrissur: A vigilante attack has been reported on a college student in Thrissur in full public glare on Tuesday. Amal, a degree student of Chethana college, Thrissur was brutally attacked when he went to a restaurant with his classmate on a bike. Amal’s friend fell from the bike when they were travelling on the bike by 4 pm on Tuesday. Without helping the girl who fell, some of the onlookers attacked Amal. A group of people allegedly attacked him for accompanying the girl and also questioned his dressing style. The visuals of the attack that revealed some people jointly attacking the student. One man is spotted hitting on Amal’s head with a stone and walking away as nothing happened. Police have identified a person among the attackers and Ollur police have registered a case over the incident. Those who attacked Amal has also lodged a complaint at the police station, claiming that Amal had assailed them.