Liquor prices will rise at bars and Consumerfed shops

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The margin price of foreign liquor sold from warehouse godowns to bars and consumer fed shops has been increased. The increase was 25 percent for bars and 20 percent for consumer fed. But it is learned that there will be no significant increase in the purchase price for the public.

The margin is included on top of the price of a case of liquor (nine litres) at which the manufacturer gives it to the Beverages Corporation along with the excise duty and import fee. After this, the premium liquor is taxed at 247 percent and the cheaper brands at 237 percent.

52 crore sales on opening day

When Bevco opened after 53 days, it had a record sale of liquor worth Rs 52 crore on Thursday. Of Bevco’s 265 shops, 40 were closed due to Covid curbs. On normal days, sales are around Rs 38-40 crore. It rises during festivals like Onam and Christmas.

In addition to Bevco shops, the liquor was sold through Consumerfed’s 30 shops and bars. Bevco’s retail sales were also there in the bars. Thenkurissi shop in Palakkad district is leading with sales of Rs 68 lakh. Thiruvananthapuram Powerhouse Road sales outlet (65 lakhs) and Iringalakuda shop (64 lakhs) are in the next places. Alappuzha boat jetty shop is at the forefront among the Consumerfed shops. Sales of more than Rs 43 lakh were done here. The bars were shut on April 26 due to Covid induced lockdown. Some shops had not completely deposited their collection at the time in the bank. Income at such shops were also included in Thursday’s count.