Kerala vaccinates over 2 cr people; no wastage of vaccine reported

Thiruvananthapuram: A total of 2,01,39,113 people were vaccinated in Kerala till date, informed health minister Veena George here on Saturday. 1,40,89,658 people were received the first jab and 60,49,455 received both shots. The first dose was administrated to 40.14 percent of the population and  17.23 percent received the second shot.

In the category of people above 18 years, 52 percent were vaccinated with the first dose and 23 percent took the second dose. Among people above 45 years,first dose was administrated to 79 percent (89,98,405) of people and the second dose was given to 42 percent (47,44,870). The minister appreciated all who were behind administering the vaccines without wasting a drop.

Compared to men, women topped in the list of vaccine takers. 1,04,71,907 women and 96,63,620 men were vaccinated in Kerala.

25 percent of people (37,01,130) between 18 to 45 age group received the first dose. As the second dose was administered 12 weeks after the first dose, only 3,05,308 people (2 percent) could take both doses in the state.

The highest vaccination rate was recorded in Kerala on Friday. A total of 5,15,241 people took the jab on Friday.

Meanwhile, 3,59,517 people got vaccines from 1,546 vaccination centres on Saturday. Among them, 1,280 centres were run by the government and 266 were under private institutions.

On Saturday, Kerala received 4 lakhs vaccines. 1,35,440 doses of Covishield reached Thiruvananthapuram, 1,57,460 doses in Ernakulam and 1,07,100 doses in Kozhikode. As of now, Kerala received a total number of 1,82,61,470 doses of vaccines.