Iraqi PM calls upon Indian industry to invest in his country

Iraq: Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has called upon Indian industry to invest in Iraq. He said, there are huge investment opportunities in Iraq in the sector like energy, IT, refineries, fertilisers, infrastructure, health and education. Iraqi Prime Minister was addressing a gathering of Indian industrialists in Mumbai yesterday.

Allaying fears about security and legal issues, he also called upon Indian banks to open more branches in his country. Assuring Indian business leaders that political and social conditions are favourable for foreign investors in Iraq, Mr Maliki said, Iraqi government will provide all possible help to Indian industries willing to set up their projects in Iraq.

Iraqi Prime Minister also promised to speed up the visa procedures for the purpose. He said, apart from financial investments, Indian companies can help through supply contracts and in execution of large scale engineering, procurement and construction projects.

Mr Maliki said such a relationship will be of mutual interest as it will benefit Iraq in its redevelopment efforts and the individual companies in maximising profits.