‘I am emotionally extreme…’; Meera Nandan talks to media after marriage at Guruvayur

Actress Meera Nandan is cheerful and in contentment for fulfilling her long dream of getting married at the holy Guruvayur temple premises. While talking to the press with her husband Sreeju, Meera revealed how she wanted her marriage to be conducted in front of Guruvayur and was happy that the dream now reached fruition.

“Guruvayur is part of my life and is very important for me. Before shifting my residence to Dubai, I used to visit the temple every month. I had made up my mind even before that if getting married, it should be in the divine aura of Guruvayur. I should thank Sreeju for that.” said Meera.

Meanwhile, Sreeju told the media how their arranged marriage soon blossomed into an affair. Meera also opened up about the best quality she saw in her husband Sreeju.

“I am emotionally extreme, while Sreeju is eternally calm and gentle.” Meera is on a hiatus from Mollywood while she focuses largely on the Gold FM job in Dubai.