Hillary Clinton jumps on the Pokemon Go bandwagon

hillary-clinton-pokemon-goNewyork: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has started to use the newly-launched Augmented Reality (AR) game Pokemon Go as a campaigning tool to register voters.

The game, which came out on July 6, encourages users to walk around and visit “PokeStops” where they can acquire items for the game like Poke Balls and “gyms” where they can fight against other players.

PokeStops and gyms are real locations in the real world.

“For instance, there’s a gym on a small traffic island by the Vox DC offices and the Embassy of Iraq is a PokeStop and a reliable source of Poke Balls,” news website Vox reported on Friday.

Campaign organisers for Clinton started campaigning at PokeStops and gyms to register Pokemon Go players to vote.

Another news website Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Clinton’s Ohio staff spent the past weekend going “from Cuyahoga to Athens to seek out players in their communities to register them to vote”.

There is even an official Hillary event scheduled in Lakewood, Ohio, pegged to the game.

“Join us as we go to the Pokestop in Madison Park and put up a lure module, get free pokemon, and battle each other while you register voters and learn more about Hillary Clinton,” the description of the event reads.

Vox.com reported that Clinton campaign already has actual people registered to vote as a result of its Pokemon strategy.

Pokemon Go has already overtaken Twitter in terms of daily users and has seen people spending more time on its app than on Facebook.

Citing report from tracking firms TechCrunch reported that the game has not only topped Twitter and Facebook, but also have surpassed dating app Tinder in terms of installs.