Health dept to conduct mass testing; 3.75 lakh people to undergo Covid test on Thursday, Friday

Thiruvananthapuram: Health Minister Veena George has informed that the health department has issued augmented testing strategy to intensify Covid resistance by identifying the infected people rapidly. The department plans to subject 3.75 lakh people to Covid tests on Thursday and Friday.

1.25 lakh people will be tested on Thursday and 2.5 lakh people will be tested on Friday. The tests will be carried out by identifying the places and categories where the disease transmission rate remains unchanged. The minister added that the Covid resistance will be intensified after analysing the test results.

People with influenza symptoms, those infected with serious lung disorders, those who have diabetes and blood pressure, those aged above 45 years who are not vaccinated, out patients, people aged below 45 years who interact with public frequently and other categories will be subjected to Covid tests.

The collected samples will be sent to the laboratories and mobile labs. Also, testing camps will be convened. Those who test positive will be isolated as per the current Covid protocol, the minister informed through a press release.