Get set go for Delhi’s PokeWalk on July 24

pokewalkNewdelhi: The frenzy over Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game, has gripped the world like none other within just eight days of its launch. While some in India may have found a way to download it, others are awaiting the official release and Delhi is all set to conduct the biggest Pokemon Go event India has ever seen.

Nintendo-owned Pokemon Go was initially rolled out to Android and Apple devices in Australia, New Zealand and Japan on July 06, USA on July 07, and Germany on July 13. But the Pokemon fever was too infectious to catch the world with fans downloading the game through proxy accounts by changing the location on their devices.

The Education Tree, a youth led organisation, is set to conduct India’s largest and first PokeWalk in Delhi on July 24. The event has been created on Facebook and has accumulated tremendous response and people interested in going for the walk that is going to start in Connaught Place.

The event has over 9,000 people interested and 3,256 people who have marked that they will be ‘going’ for the event.

The event is set to start at 5 pm and end around 7 pm

The game will be an integral part of the walk but the whole idea behind this is to celebrate the Pokemon ‘culture’ and relive childhood memories.