Fatty Liver: Home Remedies And Cures

Home remedies for fatty liver cure are easy and very effective. While some of these remedies have been passed down the generations, some are actually proven to work to help the human liver.

Fatty liver, a condition caused by an increase of unwanted fat in the liver cells, leads to permanent damage to the organ. It scars and hardens the tissues of the liver, and may lead to inflammation of the organ. Follow these home remedies if you suffer from fatty liver condition.

Filled with high fat content, our changing food habits are the root cause of increasing risk to the liver. Along with inappropriate diet, other reasons such as excess consumption of alcohol, obesity, etc., are also some of the known criminals of fatty liver.

While the condition mostly depends on the type of food you consume, it is always better to eat healthy. Here are some remedies for fatty liver cure that can help you protect your liver.

Green Tea

Drinking green tea can help you reverse this condition to a great extent. In order to get positive results, include green tea in your daily diet and take advantage of its anti-oxidant properties.

Citrus Fruit
Loaded with Vitamin C, citrus juice works as a remarkable fatty liver treatment at home. You can consume juice of oranges or lemons on empty stomach for effective results.

Bitter Gourd

Though bitter in taste, this vegetable can work sweetly as an effective fatty liver cure. For best results, include a cup or half of bitter gourd in your diet every day. Or you can even have it as a juice.

Whole Grains
This fatty liver cure is responsible for breaking down harmful toxic substances present in the liver. For improved results, switch to whole grains and its products instead of processed grains.

Milk Thistle
By removing unwanted toxins from the body, the herb milk thistle can do wonders on the human liver in many ways. Consume it regularly to heal damaged cells of the liver effectively.

Raw Tomatoes
This everyday kitchen item can be eaten raw to help people with fatty liver condition. Tomatoes are easily available and can be consumed on an everyday basis for better fatty liver treatment at home.

Other Home Remedies
There are a number of natural ways to cure fatty liver condition. Some of them include adding rosemary, licorice, dandelion, and other similar herbs to your daily diet. However, do remember that these herbs cannot be used by pregnant ladies as a fatty liver cure.

A Healthy Way Out
If you seek fatty liver treatment at home, then you need to stop crash dieting and indulge in a healthy diet that nourishes your body well. While you may think that starving is the best way to control your hunger and cut down on fat, you are wrong. Skipping meals will actually cause danger to your liver and make it more vulnerable towards fatty liver. Pair your everyday food with natural fruit juices and drink plenty of water to keep you liver healthy.