Exercises To Tone Your Arms

Toned arms are as equally important as toned legs in order for a woman to appear fit and in good shape. There are several toning arms & weight loss advices available over the Internet, however you need to choose the ones that suit your body type and stamina the best. Some toning arms & weight loss exercises may be well beyond your capability, and following these may cause you harm.Here are some exercises to tone your arms.

Exercises to tone your arms are:

1.Curl the dumb bell: When you do this exercise, you can be rest assured that your biceps will build. And because you can do this one arm at a time, it will not be very stressful either. Hold a dumb bell in each hand. Curl your right hand bell and try to move it past your right shoulder. Do not over do it. Stop when you feel your arms can’t move any further. Then bring the arm forward. Do this with your right hand 5-10 times. Rest for a few minutes. Repeat the same routine with your left hand.

2.Bench press: This exercise may come across as a simple one, but in reality it is a bit tricky. So, all the first timers out there, take it slow and steady when doing this routine. Lie on a flat bench with a bar bell held firmly in your hands. With extreme care and control, push the bar bell up as much as your arms will go and then lower the bar bell. But do not let it come in touch with your chest. Just before it does, push the bar bell up again. Repeat the routine a few times. Take a break and then get back to it.

3.Push-ups: Though push ups are considered to be man’s thing, they can help to tone your arms as well. Lie face down and distribute your weight on your knees and hands. Push your whole body up. Stay for a few minutes and slowly go back to your original position. Repeat the push up exercise for a few number of times, and keep increasing the count as your fitness level improves.

4.Dumb bell pullover: As the name suggests, you will need a pair of dumb bells and a mat to do this exercise. Hold the dumb bells firmly in your hands and lie flat on the mat. Your knees must be bent and feet must be flat. The arms must be extended over your head. Once you are comfortable, slowly raise your head up, followed by your shoulders and finally your back. Also, bring the arms towards your knees. Stay in this position for a minute. Start all over again.