Evidence collection delayed in Kala murder case; Interrogations continue

ALAPPUZHA: The evidence collection in the case of killing Kala from Chennithala, Iramathur did not take place yesterday also. The mystery of Kala’s murder and how her body was buried continues.

Chennithala Iramathur Kannampalil Jinugopi (48), Kannampalil Somarajan (55) and Kannampalil Pramod (45) who are in custody were interrogated throughout Thursday but no further information was obtained.

By night, the second and fourth accused Jinugopi and Pramod were shifted to two places. Only third accused Somarajan is in Mannar station. This was to interrogate the three in separate places. Their family members and relatives were questioned yesterday. Kala’s brothers Kavikumar and Kaladharan were called to Mannar station yesterday. Anil, Kala’s husband and the first defendant, has been brought home from Israel.Those who were related to the accused 15 years ago are also being interrogated. Kala will also inquire about the phone calls received by the relative as he is in Palakkad after leaving the country.

The police hope to get the DNA test results from the forensic lab in Thiruvananthapuram next week to confirm whether the remains found in the septic tank belong to Kala. The police are also taking seriously Anil’s statement that he did not kill Kala by calling his son on the day the information came out. It is also suspected that Drishyam hid the remains in the model so that they could not be found. After the building debris was found in the tank, Anil, a construction worker, is believed to have secured it somewhere, including the skeleton.