Disrupting construction in Vizhinjam is treason, work will be completed on time, no doubt in that, says minister

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Minister V Abdurahiman said a patriotic person can never accept the Vizhinjam strike. This is not a strike but something else. The minister’s remarks were while speaking at the seminar organized by Vizhinjam International Seaport Ltd (VISL) in connection with the operational technology of Vizhinjam International Port.’The government has taken a clear decision on six of the seven demands proposed by the Vizhinjam protesters. A committee was formed to conduct a study on the seventh demand. The protestors are demanding to stop the construction work for a week and conduct the studies. This is not a strike, but has to be considered as something else. Disrupting the construction activities necessary for a country should be considered as treason.

The government has not evicted or harmed anyone. There will be no anti-labour steps from the side of the government. This government will not allow any fisherman to shed their tears.

Bigger obstacles than this have been removed. There is a limit for everything. Hope the protestors will understand things. The port will come anyway. It is the government’s determination to complete the work on time and ships will arrive. There is no doubt in that, the minister said.

National highway, development of airports and GAIL pipeline are the things implemented by this government. The minister asked to remember all that. There should be money in the treasury to fulfill the demands of the people. The minister demanded to understand the efforts to move forward and requested the protesters to withdraw from the strike.