Dispute over relationship with another person: Man kills sister-in-law, gets arrested

CHERTHALA: Police have arrested a young man in connection with the murder of his unmarried sister-in-law during a dispute over her friendship with a youth. Ratheesh (Unni-35), of Puthenkattil in Kadakkarapally fifth ward, was arrested. Harikrishna (25), daughter of Thalisserithara Ullas-Suvarna couple and a temporary nurse at Alappuzha Medical College Hospital was killed in Kadakkarapally 10th ward. Ratheesh is the husband of Harikrishna’s elder sister Neethu.

The murder took place just after 8pm on Friday night. Ratheesh, who went into hiding at his relative’s house in Chenganda, was arrested around 7 pm yesterday. Police said the accused pleaded guilty. He will be produced in court today.

Ratheesh picked up Harikrishna, who was on duty at Alappuzha Medical College Hospital on Friday evening, at Cherthala Thanki junction. Neethu, a nurse at a private hospital in Ernakulam, was not at home as she was on night duty. Ratheesh had moved his seven- and nine-month-old children to the family home. When Harikrishna reached home, there was an argument between him and Ratheesh. It was because of Harikrishna’s relationship with another young man. Harikrishna was hit in the face and fell head over heels. She was later suffocated to death, police said. The body was dragged to the front of the house at first but Ratheesh dragged it back home after it rained.