Delhi Police claims Umar Khalid’s mobile data runs into 11 lakh pages

Former Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student Umar Khalid has been arrested by the Delhi Police’s special cell for his alleged role in the riots in north-east Delhi in February this year. The FIR against Khalid alleges that he made provocative speeches at two different places and appealed to citizens to come out on streets and block roads during Donald Trump’s visit to India.

The special cell arrested Khalid on Sunday night, after 11 hours of interrogation. Earlier, police had also seized his mobile phone.

While seeking Khalid’s police custody, Delhi Police stated in the Karkadooma court that their computer team has extracted 40 GB of data from Khalid’s mobile phone and they want to question him about it. It runs into 11 lakh pages.

Delhi Police was granted 10 days’ custody to interrogate him.

In Khaild’s speech against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Amravati, that went viral on social media, and one of the two that the police is focusing on, he can be heard as saying “when Donald Trump comes to India on February 24, we will say that the Prime Minister and the government of India are trying to divide the country… They are destroying the values of Mahatma Gandhi, and the people of India are fighting against them. If those in power want to divide India, the people of India are ready to unite the country.”