CPI district secretary wants Thrissur mayor to resign; M K Varghese claims unawareness

THRISSUR: CPI District Secretary K K Valsaraj wants Thrissur Mayor M K Varghese to resign. K K Valsaraj demanded that M K Varghese should be prepared to resign from the post of mayor and remain in the front. CPI district secretary also criticized the mayor’s pro-BJP stance as objectionable. It was also assessed that the mayor’s stance was a reason for the failure in Thrissur. But the mayor replied that he was not aware of the request for resignation.CPI had earlier complained that the Thrissur mayor was too close to the BJP. During the election, Suresh Gopi met the mayor and asked for his vote.

The Mayor’s comment at that time was that Suresh Gopi is fit to be an MP. MK Varghese had praised Suresh Gopi that he had paid the entire amount declared to the corporation and was a man who stood with the people. But when this became controversial, the statement was corrected saying that all three candidates are fit.

M K Varghese clarified the other day that there is no need to see politics in praising Suresh Gopi. The mayor told ‘Kerala Kaumudi’ that his politics and Suresh Gopi’s politics are different. Mayor MK Varghese’s praise of Minister of State Suresh Gopi during the function held in Thrissur yesterday and his reply was much debated. It is in this context that Mayor MK Varghese clarified his position.

M K Varghese said the news that he is joining the BJP is false and will remain with the Left front. He added that if the Union Minister comes to inaugurate an institution of the Corporation, he is bound to go.