Shajil Anthru

Covid pandemic unleashed across the globe results from greed of certain section of people or
multinational groups. The greed is not for power; it is not for money; not for any self-fulfillment
needs. A lack of directivity is haunting the globe. The reason to live is a major psychological
question posing any every human being who gained basic and psychological needs. The theory
of management and the very basics of defining manager as “to get things done” has gone wrong.
Manhood forgot to find the right place to position the science and technology and its fallouts.
Bill Gates, the most successful (?) business man in this world, is certainly a genius and
millionaire; No one knew he is also prophet until COVID-19 broke out in all states and corners
of the Globe. In 2015, he delivered a Ted Talk, which was a prophecy in nature. He predicted
COVID-19. In 2021 also he makes many predictions about the future prediction and mode to
counter them.
In near future, an infectious disease–a virus–will destroy the humankind. Ten millions or more
people may die. It was the time when in West Africa Ebola was spreading. And in 2019, the
prophecy came true. COVID-19 started its twister destroying the world order.
According to him, the next pandemic will also be complex. During this pandemic era of COVID-
19, everyone was experimenting or training themselves to defend a pandemic. The domains of
experimentation included How to do a test quickly/ how to quarantine effectively. Fortunately,
diagnostic equipment had a good sale and had vast improvement in design and production.
According to Gates, one posing a significant damage will be as climate change and its related
disease. The other one is Bio–terrorism. Both are dangerous. They can cause unpredictable
damage to humankind. The present pandemic forced us to remain indoors–but not fully. But a
situation may arrive that the disease caused by climate change may force us to sit in dark. Bio-
terrorism is a selective attack with virus on people, expected to carry out by enemy countries.
Both cases will demand the human being to sit alone in dark for quite a long time to survive. Or
to combat the effects of these pandemics.
An interview between Bill Gates and actress Rashida Johns took place in 2020. He opened his
mind to reveal the real beneficiaries of the new order derived after the COVID-19 pandemic.
1. Online meeting will become a norm for all
2. The experience from online will enhance
3. Corporates will start sharing of office
4. Redefinition of our communities will take place
5. Social gathering or places of social gathering will remain insignificant.
6. For a very long time, things will not return to normal
7. Next pandemic will not be as disastrous as this one.

Reading between the lines, one can see that the software field will flourish and more business
will take place. People will start using more and more software. Lack of social gathering will
reduce the impact of the resistance of future generation against any exploitation and these multi
nationals will decide the future of each country.
In 1994, Microsoft donated certain stocks to “William H. Gates Foundation. “In 1994. In 2000,
Gates and his wife merged three family foundations and formed “Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation”. During this occasion Gates donated 5 billion dollar equivalent stock to this
foundation. In the audit of Funds for NGO’s found that “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” has
the highest asset in the world (More than 34.6 billion dollar). Not much later, Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation made a major investment in renowned pharmaceutical company Pfizer. It was
on behalf of providing contraceptives in low rates (around $1 per dose) to developing countries.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grabbed 205 million dollar shares/stocks from nine big
pharmaceutical companies in the world during this time. Bill Gates, his wife and 24.2 billion
dollar endowment become the undisputable major stakeholder in the Global Health Domain.
They donated for Global Health programs and become the “Voice” in the discussion for reducing
price for medicines related to AIDS and related diseases in poor countries. On some occasions
they did the part of a broker or a negotiator with poor countries and pharmaceutical companies.
At present, this foundation had financial interests and investments in the other major
pharmaceutical companies like Merc and Company, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, etc. The
intention of the foundation came under cloud when they advocated for implementing intellectual
property rights in poor nations. These nations have to seize patents to produce certain generic
drugs required for citizens. Interestingly, the intellectual property right is important to
Microsoft’s business and pharmaceutical business. It is natural that likewise with pharmaceutical
policy decisions, this foundation too had larger influence in framing and implementing
intellectual property rights. Commission on Macroeconomics and Health chaired by economist
Jeffrey Sachs in his report made a powerful defense for protection of Intellectual property rights.
They argued it is very much critical for “Continued Research” in the pharmaceutical domain.
Ironically, the Gates Foundation was the major sponsor of the commission. We need not much
evidence to prove the impact and influence of Foundation in Pharmaceutical and global health
management. This foundation has diminished the autonomy of pharmaceutical companies, its
research and development. As an example. Note that there is Global Alliance funding for
Vaccines and Disease control. But using this fund, foundation of Gates buy medicines, drugs and
other pharmaceutical equipment from those pharmaceutical producers where the same
foundation has investment. Embarrassing it is to see, that 18 member board for Global funding
for combating AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, includes the representative of Foundation (who
is also a buyer). Also see that Gates foundation while accumulated 2.2 billion Dollar, they
pledged 100 million dollar to the fund.
WHO, headquartered in Geneva, has Bill Gates as the second highest donor of funds which
comes around 9.8%. The first donor is US which has only 15%. Naturally it is, that Bill Gates
can influence WHO to some extent.

GSK or Glaxosmithkline is an eminent company which provides 7000 employee opportunities in
China. The company started in 1930 as a distributor of Osetlin (Vitamin D Liquid). In 2010 they
took over Nanjing MeiRui Pharma and another pharmaceutical company in 2011. Both these
provide the company an opportunity to own manufacture facility in Jiangsu Province and they
started producing vaccines for China’s growing market. A step ahead, GSK entered partnership
with academic institutions. This helped them to produce and new drugs with nontraditional
methods and combinations. GSK played a major role in the formation of a foreign invested joint
venture consumer healthcare company named TSKF. GSK, Tianjin Zhong, Xin Pharm Ltd and
Tianjin Medicinal Corporation are the stakeholders.
In 2019, Pfizer, where Gates foundation has major share and investment, completes transaction
with GSK to form a new world leading Consumer Healthcare Joint Venture.Enthusiased by this
merger are Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious Diseases,
Brain Mc Namara, Chief Executive Officer GSK, Consumer Health care and Emma Walmsley,
Chief executive Officer, GSK and the Chair of the joint venture. The reason for their enthusiasm
was greater infrastructure and opportunity in pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
Eminent writer and author Nicholas Wade ignited the debate on whether the US National
Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases headed by Dr Anthony Fauci funded research into
the Coronavirus at the Wuhan institute of Virology since 1984. There happened a confrontation
by Dr Anthony Fauci and Kentucky senator Rand Paul at the senate regarding the origin of
Corona Virus. Dr Fauci eventually admitted that the NIH funded project at Wuhan Lab is true
and it investigated bat viruses which may infect the humans in the future. But Rand confronted
his argument and expressed doubt that it grew the virus in a lab in humanized mice. Dr Fauci is
instrumental for funding risky “gain of function” research at Wuhan Institute of Virology. These
experiments involve genetically changing viruses to make them more infectious. China’s Wuhan
Institute of Virology received funding from Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious
diseases through a nonprofit Eco health alliance. Interestingly EcoHealth Alliance has joined
Microsoft’s AI for Earth program.
A report “The New Money Trust” finds that the Big Three asset managers in the world are
BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street. They jointly manage over $15 trillion in global assets.
GSK had invested about 377,284,263 shares in BlackRock. BlackRock and Vanguard, the
world’s largest asset managers are also the world’s largest investors in coal. As part of the
protecting the nature, climate and sustainability of the globe, exiting from coal industry is most
important. But unfortunately both BlackRock and Vanguard have shown no signs in withdrawing
investment in coal. It is important to note that Microsoft has about 640.2 million and 517.6
million shares investment in Vanguard group and BlackRock, respectively.

Once again we have to recollect the prediction of Bill Gates for future. Climate Change and
Bioterrorism are twofold dangers or pandemics in coming years. Ironically, for constructively
lead the globe to sustainable pandemic free living space, Bill gates has all the tools and weapons.
He has greater say in Companies and asset managers who can cause damage to climate.
Likewise, he controls the pharmaceutical and drug companies in the world. He can very well
influence WHO constructively. But if the motive is a just profit from these multinationals, his
predictions may come true. The action plan of the predicted pandemic is certain.
An excellent administrator or political leadership must can re- analyze short-term plans and
unnoticed setbacks in times of crisis and to expect future dangers. Nature itself has provided
predators for all creatures in this world. Vaccines will not solve confront these viruses. An open-
ended scientific discussion is to be evolved in each country to tackle present virus and predicted
We had a pre modernistic era followed by a modernistic era. The World War II presented a new
thought about humanity along with a deep sense of pessimism. We called it post modernism era.
But the conflict remained since dualist notions characterized this era. This era eventually ended
and a new era with monist thinking begun. It is Meta modernism era. Meta modernism recreated
a sense of wholeness which allows positive change. But oscillations characterized it. Now the
globe is smashed with Covid pandemic. Time goes beyond Meta modernism. A new era is
emerging. Era of Zeroism! Completing a full circle is the natural order of the world. We had
changed the nature for the sake of development. Development and luxuries led to the domination
of wealth in certain quarters, leaving others vulnerable. In this context, to come out of the present
chaos, we have to recreate the nature, redefine the development to the recreation of nature which
exists at the beginning.

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