CM urges merchants to cooperate; says maximum concessions are granted

New Delhi: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has responded to the merchants’ decision that they will not wait for the government to announce further relaxations of rules and will open shops including on Thursday. The chief minister replied that everyone wants the shops to open but the situation does not allow it.

The government understands the sentiments of the merchants and is standing with them. They should not take the other way and if such a situation takes place, it will be handled in the appropriate way, the CM said.

The CM also said that maximum concessions are given according to the situation and the restrictions were primarily aimed at protecting human life. Shops coming under A, B and C categories, which are currently allowed to function, can operate till 8 at night, he said.

Electronics stores will be allowed to function on more days because the students are undergoing online learning. Banks in the state can be opened on all days from Monday to Friday. Earlier, banks were not allowed to function on Tuesday and Thursday.

The collectors will be given permission to declare micro-containment zones in areas where regulation is required. The state will increase tests on Thursdays and Fridays. Upto 2.5 lakh samples will be tested. The TPR restrictions will continue in the state and the public should co-operate, the chief minister said.