CAG report created extraordinary situation; Kerala needs extraordinary measures, says Thomas Isaac

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac stated that the CAG report has created an extraordinary situation in the state. Isaac also said that extraordinary measures will have to be taken.

AG stated that all the loans taken by KIIFB are anti-constitutional. This cannot be agreed to. KIIFB act was passed by Kerala Legislative Assembly. Public opinion has to be raised against this. The minister said that the charges against him regarding violation of guidelines were much smaller when compared to the setbacks that developmental activities in Kerala will face.

The remarks made in the 2018-19 audit report regarding KIIFB did not seek the opinion of the government. The draft report contained only 2 paragraphs about KIIFB. It did not mention that KIIFB was anti-constitutional. The final report has stated that KIIFB’s loan is against the constitution. This was not mentioned anywhere else at any stage.

The Constitution does not provide anyone power to force their opinion. It is not right to suggest that the state Assembly should discuss a report that was not even discussed with the government. This is in violation of the Assembly’s rights.

CAG did not inform the government about its observation of KIIFB at any stage. Thomas Isaac also alleged that the AG was shadow fighting the government.

AG is regularly leaking information to the media. The minister also said that there was something unnatural in the press release of November 11 getting released on November 16.

Thomas Isaac also said that the government has the right to open a report before it is placed in the Assembly and that there was no basis to call it a violation of guidelines