Brotherhood leaders to go on trial in Egypt

Cairo: Three top leaders of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood are set to appear in court today. The Islamist group’s spiritual leader, Mohamed Badie, and two of his deputies will face charges of inciting deadly violence during the protests that preceded the army’s overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi.

Badie has been seen by some as the driving force behind the presidency of Mr. Morsi, who was ousted by Egypt’s military last month after days of large-scale demonstrations by Egyptians unhappy with his rule.

Meanwhile, Egyptian authorities yesterday reopened the border between Egypt and Gaza, after a five-day closure that prevented thousands of Palestinians from traveling.

Thousands have been waiting to enter Egypt via the Rafah crossing for school or to go to the hospital. Hundreds more Palestinians are reportedly waiting to get back home to Gaza.

It is not clear how long Egyptian authorities will keep the crossing open. The reopening comes a day after thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters took to the streets in scattered protests across Egypt to call for an end to the military-backed government and the reinstatement of Mr. Morsi.