Bribery allegations rock CPM; Youth leader accused of taking Rs 60 lakh assuring PSC appointment

Thiruvananthapuram: A complaint has surfaced within the CPM alleging that a party leader accepted bribe in exchange for a promise to appoint a person as a member in Kerala Public Service Commission. The complaint is against a youth leader from Kozhikode, who operates out of the area centre.

It is learnt that a deal was made to pay Rs 60 lakh, out of which Rs 22 lakh has already been received. The alleged activity came to light during a secret probe by the party’s state leadership.

The promise was to grant PSC membership to a person from the health sector. The person was assured that approval from the party leadership would be secured through Minister Mohammed Riyas.

However, when the CPM decided on the PSC members, none of the assurances made by the Kozhikode youth leader were considered. Later, the person who paid the money was kept convinced with the promise of a high position in the Ayush department. This too failed to materialise, leading to the leak of the bribery allegations and resulting in a complaint reaching the party. It is also reported that Riyas has intimated the party to probe the matter.

It is learnt that the party received voice messages containing details about the promise of the appointment and the deal confirmation. If a police complaint emerges, it could put the party in a tight spot.

Handling an issue like PSC membership is not something a leader based in an area centre can manage alone. Hence, it is believed that either other leaders must have aided the youth leader in cracking the deal, or the youth leader made a false promise just to swindle money. It is unclear if the party probe has identified which scenario occurred.

The person who paid the money is closely associated with the CPM. Therefore, insiders suggest that it would not have been easy to swindle money with a false promise.

A district committee meeting has been called in Kozhikode on Monday on a war footing. State secretariat members will participate in this meeting. A decisive action on the matter is expected.