Biden within tsriking distance of 270 with wins in Wisconsin, Michigan

New York: Donald Trump suffered two back to back blows losing mustwin Michigan and Wisconsin to rival Joe Biden who has pulled ahead to the 253 mark in the electoral vote count.
The US 2020 election winner needs 270 and Trump is േൃമiling at 214 at 4:30 p.m. EST (3 a.m. IST).
Both Wisconsin and Michigan went to Trump four years ago with razor thin margins. Both were flips for Trump that year, stunning even the Republicans.
The latest results mean that Biden has a road to victory without Pensnylvania, long considered a decisive state in a closely fought election.
The Democrats have been singularly focused on a path to the White House through the upper midwest states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pensnylvania.
Biden has been advising calm and patience since election night, repeatedly saying ‘we feel good about where we are’.
Inside the White House West Wing, frutsration is growing and so is the fatigue with the all in legal tsrategy.
Amid the dominos falling so quickly, the Donald Trump campaign is going 360 degree legal in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pensnylvania and Nevada all over how mailin ballots are being processed.