Benefits Of Barley On Health

In today’s fast and hectic life, it becomes very difficult to take care of our health and fitness. In such a scenario, an oft forgotten whole grain like barley is very beneficial to fight a lot of ailments. It is available in the form of barley water as well and it is okay to consume barley without the doctor’s prescription.Here are some health benefits of barley.

Health benefits of barley are:

1.Helps fight various ailments: Barley water is rich in nutrients and fiber and is very helpful to fight various ailments. The juice has to ability to disengage and wash away the thick sticky plaque found in the arteries. It helps to fight asthma, constipation and heart related concerns too. Diarrhea and nausea are amongst other problems that barley water helps to fight against.

2.Controls blood sugar level: The amino acids present in barley keep a tab on blood sugar level. It is advised to consume breakfast consisting of barley on a daily basis as it lessens the glucose reaction that is experienced after eating a meal. This helps to keep the diabetes levels in check.

3.Reduces the risk of colon cancer: The dietary fiber present in barley protects against various forms of cancer. Barley contains insoluble fiber that helps in maintaining essential bacteria in the large intestine. These bacteria help in pushing out disease causing bacteria out of the system, thus reducing the risk of colon cancer.

4.Helps in weight management: 100gm of barley contains 16gm fiber which is extremely beneficial. This helps in effective bowel movement and also makes you feel full for a longer time, thus keeping a tab on the urge to eat again and again. It is indeed a very simple and healthy way to manage your weight and stay fit.

5.Beneficial for postmenopausal women: The presence of nutrients, vitamins and fiber in barley is very beneficial for women who have had their menopause. It helps to control and fight cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. It also reduces the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

6.Reduces blood pressure: Barley is a whole grain food that has high fiber content. This helps to reduce blood pressure. It also helps to control cholesterol level, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases.

These are the health benefits of barley.