4 states impose restrictions on people from Kerala fearing COVID

New Delhi/ Mangaluru: Karnataka, Maharashtra, Manipur and Uttarakhand imposed restrictions on  people coming from Kerala considering the increasing COVID cases in the state. Only those who have COVID negative certificate can enter these four states, they informed.

The Dakshina Kannada authorities informed that only the people who have RT-PCR negative result will be allowed to enter Mangaluru. Though all Kerala-Karnataka borders are closed, this rule will be implemented strictly in Thalappady, on the Kasaragod-Karnataka border, only from Thursday onwards.

People who are travelling for the first time need test result issued within 72 hours. Those who travel on a daily basis should produce a report tested once in 15 days and documents proving their destination in Mangaluru. When patients are brought in ambulances, the patient and the bystanders should be subjected to COVID test on reaching the hospital.

Several restrictions are imposed in Maharashtra, Odisha, Northeast states and Jammu Kashmir. The passengers from Kerala, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi who are travelling to Maharashtra must get a RT-PCR negative report.

People from Maharashtra and Kerala will be allowed to enter Karnataka and Manipur only if they have COVID negative report. In Odisha, everyone aged above 55 years coming from outside the state must be subjected to COVID test as soon as they reach the state.

Karnataka imposed the restrictions from Monday onwards. Currently, people can travel from Kasargod to Dakshina Kannada only through Thalappady, Nettanige, Mudnuru, Monala, Saradka and Jalsur. On Monday, check posts were set up on these roads for inspection and other roads were closed.