38 Muslim Brotherhood prisoners killed in Egypt, while attempting to escape

Cairo: In Egypt, at least 38 detained members of the Muslim Brotherhood were killed when they tried to escape during their transfer to a prison outside Cairo. Initially, the interior ministry said they died in an exchange of fire after some of them took a military officer hostage and the convoy of prison vehicles, transporting a total of 612 detainees to Abu Zaabal prison in Qalyubia province, was attacked by unidentified gunmen. But later the ministry said the prisoners died from the effects of inhaling tear gas, which was fired when the escaping detainees took a police officer hostage.

Since Wednesday, over 800 people have died in clashes that erupted after security forces stormed two camps set up by Morsi supporters in Cairo.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s top General warned the Muslim Brotherhood against what he called terrorising the citizens. In a speech aired on state television, powerful Defence Minister General Abdel-Fatah el-Sisi said the military will not tolerate any further violence.