Kerala Police arrests suspected ISIS recruiter’s wife

Posted on Aug 2 2016 - 1:29am by saji francis

Kochi: Kerala police arrested a woman from Delhi who helped 21 missing persons from Kerala leave for Islamic State destinations.

Police identified her as Yasmin, a native of Bihar and second wife of Abdul Rasheed, a computer engineer who went missing with his family. 35-year-old Abdul Rasheed who hails from Thrikkaripur in Kasargod district is considered to be the kingpin who recruited the missing persons from Kerala for Islamic State.

According to a top official in Kerala, Yasmin was trying to go to Kabul from New Delhi when police detained her. “She was taken to Kasargod and interrogations are progressing,” the official told India Today.

Kasargod police has slapped Unlawful Activities Prevention Act against the 17 missing persons from the district. “Her arrest is an important breakthrough in the case. She has close links with Islamic State network operating in India,” said the police official.

Police suspects that the missing persons and families have reached Afghanistan and Yasmin was planning to join them by reaching Kabul. The police has declined to reveal any more details on this.

According to a senior police official, while tracking the call details of Abdul Rasheed, police tracked her mobile number and location.


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