Indian- Origin girl among child geniuses on British TV show

child-geniusLondon: A nine-year-old Indian-origin girl is among a select group of child geniuses chosen for a television show wherein children compete with each other to be crowned Britain’s brainiest youngster.

Rhea, whose surname was not made public to protect her identity, is one of the stars of the ‘Child Genius’ series on Channel 4 that starts next week in which children compete to be crowned Britain’s brainiest youngster.

She recently warmed up for the contest by beating 8,000 children to a national art prize. She has been studying for up to 10 hours a day to prepare herself for the programme in which she will compete with 15 young rivals, The Sunday Times reported.

Among the challenges they will face is memorising 155 UK train stations.

“Doing Child Genius was probably the most incredible experience of my life. It was tense at times but it was incredible. I have made friends with some of the children,” Rhea told the newspaper.

Her mother Sonal, who went to university at 16 and gave up her job as a doctor to support Rhea’s education said, “The school did not have a programme for gifted kids so they designed one. Now she reads GCSE-level books for stimulation.

We are starting to get advice on her taking GCSEs early”.

Sonal rejects concerns that programmes such as ‘Child Genius’ can put too much pressure on youngsters.

“Rhea loved doing it. The show gives them a chance to be with kids like them, to be in that room and feel normal,” she added.

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