How To Avoid Using Bad Words

Posted on Jan 13 2014 - 11:52am by Harsha Iyer
Today, there are tons of people who use foul language in every sentence. Unfortunately, foul language has become a kind of thrill for youngsters and even adults to use. You see even little kids drop the f-bomb quite often and this can be quite unpleasant to the ears. Moreover, the worst part of using bad words is that it becomes a major part of our life, and you blurt out words unintentionally, often at inappropriate times. Take a look at how you can avoid using bad words:

One of the ways you can avoid using bad words is by thinking before you speak. If you are having an argument with another, make sure that you give that person respect when you talk. Do not let bad words control your mind. Staying away from people who frequently use foul language is one of the preferred ways in which you can avoid using bad words. Do not let people who speak this lingo mould your way of talking. If you are in a fight with someone and you feel the urge to shout curses at them, take a moment out of the hassle and breathe for a minute. A long deep breath will help you avoid using bad words. Diverting your attention is another solution to this problem. Control your tongue by murmuring inside your head. By doing so, you will also hold up your dignity. Thinking of others around you can make a difference and thus help to avoid using bad words. When you are conscious about others around you, it helps you to position yourself and thus hold your tongue. Ponder over your curses and the foul language you use. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think of how they would feel if they were listening to the bad words coming from your mouth. If you can do this little trick, it will be a good start in helping you to avoid using bad words. Speaking sense and thinking rationally will help you to achieve a lot of things in life. Speaking bad words will only lower your way of thinking. These are some of the ways that children and adults can use control using bad words.

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