FIFA World Cup 2022 Shall be moved to Winter

London: Football Association chairman Greg Dyke has said that a summer World Cup in Qatar in 2022 would be impossible and thinks the tournament is likely to move to winter because of the heat, even as Qatar`s World Cup organising committee says it is ready to host the tournament in summer.

According to the BBC, Dyke pointed out that even if all the stadia are air-conditioned, it would be impossible for the fans and his position was that it could not be played in the summer.


Meanwhile, Qatar`s organising committee said that they were ready to host the tournament in summer or winter and a decision to alter the dates of the 2022 FIFA World Cup would not affect their infrastructure planning, the report said.

Richard Scudamore , the Premier League chief executive, had expressed in July that switching the Qatar World Cup to winter would cause chaos for football leagues around the world, the report added.

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