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Keralabhooshanam Daily was started in the year 1944 at Kottayam as its headquarters with a view of supporting and strengthening our freedom struggle. Later it shifted to Thiruvalla as its headquarters.

It has stood the test of rime and made its imprint in the history of Malayalam Journalism. It has four editions; Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Thiruvananthupuram and Malappuram. It is a 12 page newspaper including two multi-coloured pages. We have a strong network in these districts and we are included in the B catagory of PRD rating. Now Keralabhooshanam daily is coming out from Thiruvalla. It tries to provide a sense of direction to the developmental programmes in the state.

Chief goals:

  • Development in all areas in Central Travancore
  • Uphold traditions and culture
  • Encourage and support business enterprises
  • Consideration for the agriculture sector
  • Encouraging social harmony

It touched the right nerve to attempt to find out the truth of national public business, as complete and nearly accurate. The media was after every possible story of human success. We made it a point to analyse failures by criminal negligence in public life as well. It all started when Kerala was going through a bad period in socio-political functioning. Politically it was a period of distrust and abandoning of highest degree. It was full of conflicts and turbulence.

The actual drama behind the stage was not visible and Keralabhooshanam  could make the political exercise and business of running the government very transparent.on the other hand, Keralabhooshanam treated politicians, burocrits, artists, film stars and ordinary people who made news, equal when dealt with them. Such is the role of Keralabhooshanam that, it suddenly became difficult to conceal anything from the eyes of the public in Kerala.




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