5 Major Signs He Is Definitely Serious About You

Posted on Dec 8 2017 - 7:19am by Webdesk

The dating game has become seriously complicated these days. While some still wear their hearts on their sleeves, others don’t ever say a word they mean by heart. If you’ve been on the receiving end of broken promises and one-sided love before, we can understand if you keep wondering whether the man you’re with now is actually serious about you… or just playing with your feelings. Here are some signs he has genuine feelings for you. Ladies, look out for them.

1. He Constantly Includes You In Future Plans

And we don’t just mean for next week but things that are farrrr in the future. It can be subtle – like when you see a new Bollywood movie trailer and he turns to you and says, ‘We definitely have to watch this together!’ So you know that he still sees you guys together in a year. And not just this, but planning dream vacations together, talking about attending a friend’s wedding, etc are all signs he isn’t letting you go anytime soon.

2. He Doesn’t Play Games

He doesn’t wait three days before calling, he doesn’t expect sex on the third date…You know, he doesn’t follow the so-called ‘rules’. He says what he feels, he meets you as often as he can, he bombards you with texts when he misses you. His actions and his words don’t contradict each other.

3. He Has Introduced You To Most Of His Friends And Family

And if it hasn’t been too long, he has definitely talked to them about you and to you about planning an outing with them. He introduces you to friends he bumps into when he’s with you and he’s not shady about you going over to his house just because a family member is there. He’s all about making you a part of his life and becoming a part of yours.

4. He Comes To You With Personal Problems

He doesn’t just turn to you for affection but also when he’s going through tough times. As adults, we face some or the other ordeal daily and he happens to share his difficult ones with you. He doesn’t expect you to solve his problem with a snap of your fingers – he just finds comfort in the fact that he’s not alone in all of this, just like he makes you feel about your problems.

5. He Is Always Trying To Get To Know You Better

It might have been a week or a year but he’s always excited to know more about you. He’s a listener, and he doesn’t zone out when you talk about your work life or friends to him. He doesn’t just want to know that you like Italian food – he wants to know which is your favourite pasta in which restaurant and just how spicy you like it. He’s looking for details and he doesn’t just forget them as soon as a conversation gets over.

Most of all, he tells you that he is serious. Without you asking or prompting him, he himself mentions how much he likes you as often as he gets a chance to. He’s not afraid of laying it out for you, that’s just how invested he is and he just genuinely wants you to know.

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